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Our spirits

Our wheat is grown in the Columbia Plateau, just outside of The Dalles then distilled in Portland. Our full production is in Oregon from farm to bottle.


Columbia Plateau Vodka

When creating this Vodka, we didn't want it to be another neutral nose/neutral taste Vodka. The
process starts with high quality soft white wheat with fantastic natural flavors. We distilled it
once and filtered it once to leave characteristics of the grain in the spirit.

The result is our Columbia Plateau Vodka. It has a light welcoming nose and medium weight
creating a great mouthfeel and incredibly smooth, long lasting finish.


Straight Wheat Whiskey

The mash bill for our Straight Wheat Whiskey is 100% soft white wheat. Once distilled, we aged it
in #4 char new American Oak barrels for over three and a half years.


When trying our whiskey, close your eyes and the aroma will take you to a wheat field with
notes of dry hay and grain. Grain and dark fruits come through on the palate as well as bright
black peppercorn reminding you that it’s 45% alcohol. You’ll then enjoy the long, lingering


Straight Bourbon Whiskey

To be bourbon, the mash bill needs to be a majority corn, so this is a “wheated bourbon” at 51%
corn and 49% soft white wheat. Aged for over three and a half years in #4 char new American
Oak barrels, this is a great Oregon bourbon.


When tasting, you’ll find the bourbon to be very
approachable – on the nose you’ll get slightly sweet herbs and spice with sweet spice on the
palate then a long yet subtle finish.


Columbia Plateau
Lavender Vodka

We are so excited to have collaborated with our friends from Park Place Perennials with this vodka!

Park Place Perennials grows some really awesome lavender. We took some freshly picked and
dried lavender and introduced it to our neutral grain spirit during a second distillation (similar to
gin processing only no juniper berries). Nothing else is added – just fresh lavender. Same great
mouthfeel and finish with a lavender aroma and taste.

Columbia Plateau
Reserve Vodka

Now we have a vodka for everyone. We purposefully made our Columbia Plateau Vodka to
leave virtually all the character of the grain in the spirit. For our Reserve Vodka we wanted to
remove some of that character to have a neutral vodka.


The Reserve Vodka has been charcoal
filtered resulting in a clean, neutral aroma and taste.


Single Barrel-Barrel Proof
Straight Wheat Whiskey

When we started distilling and aging bourbon and whiskey we said we would wait until the spirit
was ready – a good balance between the grains and wood influence. That dedication requires
you taste the spirit every couple of months to see how it is maturing.


When tasting our first batch, we were amazed at the flavors and complexity of the spirit at barrel proof…60%. It was really good! So, we took one-53 gallon barrel and bottled our Barrel Proof Whiskey which yields under 20 cases. Enjoy!


Single Barrel-
Straight Wheat Whiskey-Imperial Porter Finished***Limited

This Straight Wheat Whiskey was aged for 4 years in new American Oak...that single barrel then got a new resident: Coal Car Imperial Porter from Freebridge Brewing. When emptied, we put our Straight Wheat Whiskey back in the barrel to , resulting in an Imperial Porter Finished Straight Wheat Whiskey. 




Columbia Plateau
Small Batch Gin

We made our Columbia Plateau Small Batch Gin with 5 of our favorite botanicals - wheat, juniper, lime, lavender and ginger. 90 proof

Simple and Crisp!


Enjoy over ice, or in your favorite cocktail!


New Batch Sept 2023!
Single Barrel-

Straight Bourbon Whiskey-Pinot Noir Finished***Limited

We took one single barrel of 4 year bourbon and finished it for an additional 5 months in a French oak barrel the previously held one of Oregon's great Pinot Noirs. The result is a delicate, smooth drinking Pinot Noir Finished Bourbon.




Single Barrel-Barrel Proof 
Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Same story as the Barrel Proof Whiskey only the Bourbon is bottled at 62.7%, 125.4 proof which makes this one of the higher alcohol barrel proof products on the market.


A friend of mine led a blind tasting of well-known barrel proof whiskeys and bourbons, our two included-- we got #1 and #2 out of 10. You might want to see for yourself. Only 1-53 gallon barrel per year, so pretty limited. Enjoy!

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